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Hi and thanks for stopping by!


I was born 1982 in Malmö, Sweden.
I’ve been a freelance photographer since Y2K and I’ve been writing professionally since 2007.
Between 2008-2014 I was based in Tokyo, working as a Japan Correspondent for several Swedish and international publications.
I’m Currently travelling.

My travel schedule (updated 2015-07-01):
January-June: Stockholm
July: Berlin & Barcelona
August: Lisbon (and other parts of Portugal?)
September – ???: ???

Clients: Neon (DE), TEDxTokyo (JP), Pecha Kucha (JP), Tokyofaces.com (JP), Number 1 Shimbun (JP), Space Shower Music (JP), Hansel & Gretel Harajuku (JP), Sydsvenska Dagbladet (SE), TT (SE), Folio (SE), Svenska Dagbladet (SE), Ladies of Steampunk (US), Elle (SE), Damernas Värld (SE), Konstvärlden (SE), Hufvudstadsbladet (FI), STO-CPH (SE), RES (SE), UO (HK), GQ (UK).
I’ve also worked together with a few musical superstars, including: ACO, Kaji Hideki, The Radio Dept, Erlend Öye and Minilouge.

Wanna work together? Do you want to show me around in your city? Or just meet up for a coffee/beer?
Feel free to contact me!
Twitter: @saidk
Instagram: saidkarlsson