lördag, april 14, 2007

du och jag

lets kiss and make up

-how did you spend your saturday night?
-on my stomach, with toads, and you?



torsdag, april 12, 2007

på det femte smäller det


Yesbox, got a interview tomorrow, photographer for a clothing company, full time job.
Cross your fingers please!

onsdag, april 11, 2007



I'm at my moms place. it's really on the countryside. Need some time off from all distraction to write a CV and start looking for proper jobs in Stockholm.
Sent the application to nordens fotoskola yesterday. hope they'll like me.

söndag, april 08, 2007

nature vs man


i forgot my computer at Danb's place, therefore the lack of updates.
Recently decided to move back to Stockholm. (om någon känner till ett rum/lägenhet, hojta!)