Yugawara & Manazuru


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One of the best things about being back in Japan is having access to all those lovely weekend trip destinations again. This weekend was spent in Yugawara and Manazuru, both are sleepy little charming towns on the Izu Peninsula, about 1,5 hours away from Tokyo by train (JR Tokaido Line).

The trip gave me a good excuse to try out one of my least used lenses a go again. Recently I've been mostly shooting with primes on my Nikon, but this time I only took my Tamron 24-70 2,8. There are certain things I really like about it, like the sharpness and color rendition. It also has vibration reduction, which is very nice to have when shooting after sunset. I figured out that it allows me to get sharp photos with as slow shutter speeds as 1/5th of a second. Quite impressive.

Unfortunately the bokeh with this lens is quite ugly, which is especially noticeable when shooting portraits on the long end of the focal length. This has made me consider upgrading to the new Nikon 24-70 2.8 VR that just was released over here. I tried it out and the image quality seems to be quite amazing. Too bad it's just so heavy (300g more than the Tamron) and bloody expensive...

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