Street Photography #1



I've started to always lug around my big SLR again. I used to get too lazy to do so after getting used to mirrorless cameras (Mainly the Fujifilm X-series). Those small little devices kept impressing me with their great image quality, and was a whole lot of fun to use too.

But recently I decided to sell my mirrorless cameras just to force myself to use my big full frame Nikon D800 for everything. There's just something about the image quality and the short DOF you can get when shooting with bright lenses like the 50mm f1.4 or the 85mm f1.8, especially at night in Tokyo.


  1. Said, I followed your VSCO account and love your work- the everyday moments you are able to capture are amazing. I am starting to venture farther into photography and I have to say that you have been one of my biggest inspirations to do that. What advice would you give to inexperienced newcomers like me?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!!

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